To us a brand is not just a logo. It is much more than this. It is how a customer feels about your company.  It is everything you or your company represents. It is your promise to your customers. Simple.

So how you deliver on your promise is how you build a strong brand for your business. Growing brands and developing them involves a detailed look at your business, your customers, your market, what makes you different from your competition, what makes people come back to you.

Having a clear and consistent message will enable your customer to understand and remember YOUR business not your competitors’.

This is where experience comes into play. We have spent 20 years building brands across various sectors such the fast moving worlds of Telecoms, IT, the internet and have experienced the thrills of working for a big corporation and the incomparable excitement of working for a start up.

They have many things in common. One of which is growth.

Generating growth at the beginning of setting up a business is hard work. You have many elements to juggle and  you are so focused on selling that you put marketing to one side. If Marketing is not your field of expertise, it can appear very daunting and scary.

Having a marketing plan, is critical.

A Marketing Plan will help your business in many different ways. It will maximize  revenues and identify new opportunities, it will create a deeper relationship with your current client base therefore enable you to sell more and more frequently at relevant times for your target market. It brings focus and drive to your business and is an investment that any size business must make in order to grow, develop or even survive.



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