The key to creating long lasting relationships is regular communication. If you stop talking to your customers, they will forget you exist. You need to remind them constantly that you are there, you are able to help them and you are the company they need to provide them with the service they are after.

You do not achieve this by talking to them once in a while or sending them a Christmas card once a year.

Communication with your customer needs to be ongoing and regular, clear, friendly and helpful to them.

There are so many things your customers, in your specific sector, want to hear about. People want tips about things that are relevant to them. They want to hear of ways to improve their day to day life, save them time and money, make them happier human beings. Because at the end of the day, we are all humans, striving to be happy and content in both our private and professional lives. So any business helping customers to get closer to that goal will be seen positively.

Do not use your communications opportunities to sell sell sell. Writing might be difficult now and a little time consuming but you will reap the benefits later. Remember, people forward tips and hints they may receive to their friends and family, therefore spreading your web of communication even further, reaching people you would have not been able to reach... and all of it for free! It works.

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