The place for Marketing Services for smaller businesses. 

We provide advice & expertise on a range of marketing & communication projects. We are focused on increasing your profits and delivering results. Every time.


As a business owner, you do not always have the budget to hire a marketing expert  and you know you are at the stage where you need help to grow your business further.

Marketing can be a scary concept that you are not familiar with but what are the consequences of doing nothing?

We have an in-depth look at your business, and at all the things that make up your brand : your advertising, your website, your marketing collateral, your brochures etc…

 We establish how & why customers currently buy from you. We look at your USP and what makes you special. We try to gain as much understanding of your business as possible and we look at the whole range of your current marketing tools.

The objective here is to look at what you currently do and maximize the results with simple adjustments (when required) and give you honest feedback on your activities.

Once we have audited your current marketing investment, we provide professional advice and recommend the best way forward depending on your business priorities and what you want to achieve.

This is where the Marketing Plan comes into place.

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We provide you with a tailored marketing plan that serves your business priorities. We devise marketing tactics and activities that will meet your business strategy, set milestones and advise you on the best way to increase your profits and get results.

Once the plan is done, you can decide on the level of Marketing you want to implement.

We can work with you a set number of days in the month where we take care of your campaigns and review results or we can provide a one off project that can see you through the next milestone in your growth plans.

You may also have someone in house who is interested in being involved in Marketing. We can help that person through the project and provide them with the guidance and advice they need to deliver results.

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